Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Daughter of the East

Benazir Bhutto aik awaz aik tehreek
Aik soch, aik falsafa
Benazir Bhutto aik umeed, aik kiran
Woh jis ne jila bakhshi
Woh atish-e-zan, woh roshan khayal
Woh aik rahbar, aik manzil
aik mohum ,  aik tareekh


  1. Although m not a great supporter of BB, even then will appreciate the way u wrote :)

  2. i hate her nothing good about her

  3. this piece of writing is not to support her politically..this is only a piece of writing i would like my readers to comment on the literary aspect of it and create a flexibility to absorb and respect others views :)...thank u everyone

  4. thank you akhtar sahab for your comment....as i have read your comments on others blogs i have come to know you are deep thinker and have a great understanding of the world...you throw a light over a subject in a new direction that many of us dont seee...i feel lucky to have a comment from u