Sunday, 18 December 2011

Explore the leader in you

To lay down the options or choosing one of them for others is one of the most enjoyable activity that one can do. But the funny thing is it is most confusing to choose for oneself from the maze of alternatives spread out around us. One is then overwhelmed and dozed off by the flood of opportunities that is at bay. To make this chore as easy as a pie one must develop the courage to face the consequences. To become decisive, all one needs is:


To opt for something one must have the desire to achieve it. The level of interest drives us towards the decision. One has to have a certain level of interest in the subject and application of the decision that he intends to make. Motivation is necessary because nothing can happen itself.


To make fair and firm decision, you need to trust yourself because naturally we are born with instincts that we have towards a situation. One must believe in his gut feeling, after analyzing all the possible outcomes, and make a decision. One should pay keen attention to his inner voice and listen to what his heart says.


Jot down all the concerns, pros, and cons of a decision. This is the oldest and most effective method of reaching to a decision. Try to imagine what impact your decision will have on your life. Lay down all the possible choice and once you have pen down the entire positive and negative outcomes that your decision is going to make, it will help you better analyze the influence that your decision will make.


Make decisions in every walk of life. Whether it is to choose a dress for the party or a house to live, one must make decisions for himself. One has to be confident and definite of the decision he makes because no matter what you decide there will be things that you would be grateful of and other that you will regret. So be decisive and stand firm for what you choose to be because the world respects and promotes a decisive man.

Keep learning from your past mistakes and hone down your skills of decision-making.


  1. Good thought nicely explained but in my opinion sometimes listening to your gut and to your heart gives you regrets for the life time.

    All the success ahead!

  2. Regrets are always there in whatever decision you take as we say "Insan kisi haal may khush nahi rehta" but people usually regret more when they don't listen to their heart.

  3. We try to hit the dart to an impossible target_namely a decision with no adverse effects !
    Reminds me of a quote by someone : If the museum is on fire and you have the chance to save just one painting , which one would you save ?!
    Obviously the nearest one !

    We consume time in analyzing and figuring out the best option.But in the end we all resort to the most feasible one (and not the best one ).Sometimes I feel that excusing oneself for indecisiveness on behalf
    of 'lack of exposure' or
    ' lack of proper information' is like living in
    a fool's paradise. Few years down the lane, we'll make decision not because we'll have gained enough experience or knowledge but because we 'have' to make it.So why not accept the shortcoming of our decision-making power right now and take decisions about our fields of specialization etc early . This will at-least help us to excel in our respective fields.

    Interesting blog Tabassum :)

  4. thank you for ur appreciation and giving such a vocal feedback...all i want to do is motivate my readers to start taking decisions rather than relying on others

  5. Bilal Tariq Khokhar21 December 2011 at 05:37

    Impressive :) looking forward for some more articles as well , Keep up the good work (Y)

  6. nice post. One has to be decisive whether he is confident about the decision or not. Success belongs to those who once takes a decision and then stand for it. Accept the results and take them as future's guidelines.

  7. thank you for ur appreciation....i guess people will learn from this blog