Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Death of Lehri


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am outside Pakistan today, and I have received this news through your blog, just now.

    I am still shocked and in a state of grief. May his soul rest in peace. We still have to realize his worth, but it will be realized in time.

    He did not only make us laugh. He brought out the unknown layers of words and their connotations through his art.

    Too bad he was born in a time when such biased, purblind and narrow-minded intellectuals were ruling the academic scene who could not see his worth.

    1. Very true his demise has been a deep shock to his fans...but I think his time was better than ours as biased opinions and narrow mindedness has increased over the time. We are a bunch of people who hold degrees from prestigious institutes but are unable to think and distinguish between right and wrong.

      All I pray is, his art to be preserved and promoted in the right direction