Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Letter To Mohd. Ali Jinnnah

Happy Death Anniversary or perhaps should I say quite sad at your demise.

Whatsoever, I am writing to you again so that you can excuse me and my 'like-minded' patriots for not dedicating their day to you. Well we really planned to show our love for you by posting all your visionary quotes and sayings but Allah showered us with His blessing "RAIN" 

I and my friends who are staunch Muslims and are part of Islamic Republic of Pakistan find it obligatory to thank and praise the Mighty God...oh no....I meant Allah for His showers of blessings. No matter if I am updating my status of having pakoras and pani puri (aka gol guppay, though I don't like the to be called "gol guppay") in this rain or I may have shared quite a picturesque image of my city when it's raining. Mr. JinnahI am thanking my Allah for giving me the chance to have the pakoras, gol guppas and the long drive. Had Allah not opened his sky for the rainfall, I would not have been able to enjoy the treats.

Quaid-e-Azam, please forgive me for not sharing posts related to you but you should give me the credit that I gave you much more importance than my "Mahi Baap" which my conventional media failed to do. But as a true believer, it is my responsibility to talk about rain and its treats. 

Well, I and my patriotic friends promise to remember you again on December but no! We have got this soft side for the minorities. Oh! this is what we learned from was you who years back supported the cause of the minorities and gifted us with an Islamic homeland where we, only "we" ( I don't know, if shias and quadianis come under the banner of "WE") are free to practice and preach our religion. By the way, I was telling you why won't I be able to dedicate 25th December to you. I will be celebrating Christmas with my Christian sisters and brothers. So, please Mr. Quaid, I hope you understand....but I tell this a year from today I and friends are going to dedicate our whole 24 hours.

To be precise, it is 11 months 2 or 3 days, I guess when I will be praising your sacrifices and will show all my love for you. I guess 24 hours of praise are enough for your years of struggle and loss of life. You should feel honored for all the sweet and emotional words that we as a nation utter in your eminence.

I hope you would have excused me and my patriotic friends for making a false promise. Inshallah or should it be Insha' ALLAH ( I don't want a mullah with his follower raising slogans of me being a disbeliver or worst an alley of you-know-who. Well! the nightmare could be they getting thirsty for my blood), I will write about you after 11 months and 2-3 days. So, I end my letter here with all my apologies.


Your Nation

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