Monday, 17 June 2013

Writing for myself again

Running a blog was fun for me...I love writing and all this started back in 2011 when a friend of mine encouraged me for starting a blog. I was all excited and inspired by what my friend said. I would not like to name her as I don't know she would like it or not.

Anyways back to the topic, I was all charged up for writing, searched for topics that people would like to read and ponder on. I was always interested in politics and society so wrote on such topics. I knew half of the nation loves politics and it is a dinner table debate inspired by various talk shows and news articles. Wanting to make a contribution and share my worthy opinions, I started writing on topics that interested me and [should have] affected the majority of the nation.

This was an unofficial start of my writing career that I used to love. Days passed by and I wrote one blog per week which got me some clients. People contacted me to write for them which motivated me more. I regularly started doing the thing that I enjoyed the most meanwhile earned some bucks. In the earlier days, I loved my new job that I could pursue from home. The client would tell me about his products and services, and I would use my imagination and creativity to talk about it. Gradually, it got redundant and same but to keep the life in writing, I continued writing my personal blog. I penned down my thoughts and shared my feelings with total strangers whom I had never met and had no chances of meeting. But still they understood my words and me which built an unbreakable connection that I treasure.

Comments and feedback showed me how people think of me and am I according to the norms of the society. I have always wanted to be a part of the society...considered myself a block that completes the whole picture and binds the society together. But often I found myself odd one out...a resident of Mars who has a different perspective of life. Here I found like-minded people who can see the world as I see it or at least appreciate what I see.

As my professional life grew, I wrote more and more blogs and articles on things that I have never experienced. All I learnt was through a third person's experience which has its own charm. Now I am recreating things that interest a very small segment of society with which I have no common grounds. I liked doing it too, at least I am writing but my professional life demanded all my attention and time. But this bind my thoughts to very restrictive area that was all about business, money and technology. I forgot what life was all about...the meaning of life, my perception on various aspects of life and events that are affecting me and the people around me. It was the end of 2012 when I stopped thinking and when I stopped bothering and caring less about things. I was too lost in my professional world and became a part of rat race that has no end.

Today, I stopped and looked back with what I have done to myself and the life I am living....experiencing a lo of things but yet not experiencing them. Once a read life is like a speedy train which wont stop...all you need to do is to stand on a platform and observe its pace and effects and from today I intend to do it for a while. 

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