Saturday, 17 January 2015

Life As It Comes

Life is a complex chain of relationships that are interconnected but needs to be dealt separately. Once you try to engage them and it becomes chaotic. One has to separate his personal and professional life as per the expectation. But the story doesn’t end here, to live each life it has to be divided more, separated more in order to make it viable. The professional life in itself can be divided to two major sub-categories: social and work life and each demands different sets of behavior. These two categories are then further broken down depending on the intricacy and diversity of the network, job responsibilities and one’s own nature.

What pushed me to write this piece is the personal life which is far more multifarious and complicated. Here you have your family and friends. Now, in the family zone come immediate relatives and distant ones. Then there are gossip mongers and storytellers. There are also those who love to stay in limelight with their extra drama and overreaction on every petty issue. Family has also got some brilliant advisors too who have experienced and/or witnessed each and every situation of life. It is as if they know what it feels like to be on the moon. Sometime their “a word or two” can turn into lifelong autobiography that needs to be listened with utmost patience and silence.

Well, family also has those fun-loving people who don’t give a damn about life or family itself. You don’t care about them but yet you keep them near and dear to your heart. After dealing with all these kind of people, you still need to be introduced to whole different kind of people or rather say specie.
If you belong to Asian society then you are well-aware of these so-called in-laws. Life would have been much easier if your relationships end here. But no, there is one more relation that is highly delicate and most important; your spouse. Like every person, he/she has his/her positive and negative sides.  But the problem is you have to deal with him/her your whole life. Living in the same room and sharing each everything, starting from your hair brush to your bed, takes its toll. Sometimes you love it all more than anything else but it becomes unbearable when you have to handle that psychotic side. You feel like pulling your hair and start throwing things you can get your hands on.

I wish you could do that but what is practical is to keep your composure, your head high and the patience of the saint to deal with it. Otherwise, you can follow your heart which can only lead to breaking of the knot. But when does it become too much…which is that point when even the saint loses his patience? The answer depends on you and only. It is only you who can decide to live and deal with it or give up to have a life on your own terms. One must remember that every relationship requires few adjustments, a lot many sorry and thank you but this doesn’t mean that you get exploited. Always put your foot down when it becomes too much.  People say you should push your boundaries further and reach a level higher when you become parents. But I say not to live in a highly crazy relationship because it will negatively affect your child. Rather than giving your child a complete family you will end up ruining their life. 

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